To me the dehumanisation of our corporate world is an increasing concern. The thought of reducing everything to numbers, resources and assets is an ongoing disturbance. It hinders progress, it does not advance it.

In the idea, or philosophy, of Social Business we put ‘Social’ in front of ‘Business’ for a reason. It’s about socialising (i.e. humanising) business. Enterprise 2.0 or Digital Transformation are inherently non-human terms for a process which has no prayer of succeeding without all the humans who do the actual work, and who live through the actual change.

John says:

Central to organisations becoming increasingly “social” is greater focus on making them more of, by and for the people who work within them.

Sociometry is a human technology that assist teams, working groups and organisations to do just that. It teaches us that the quality of outcomes is directly related to the quality of relationships between people trying to generate those outcomes.

It therefore seems sensible that we must place greater attention on the sociometry within businesses if they are to be successful in the 21st century.


In this episode we talk about the need for a process where change is done by the people.., not to the people. We consider why doing things to people is counter productive, but also about the consequences, and the impact of such a possible heavy tool. And of course about the approach, and why an expert is needed to have the optimum success with the least (or none at all) damage possible.

John writes about his speciality and explains what sociometry is on his blog.

Please enjoy the podcast.

“What is Sociometry?”

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Rogier Noort