Metaphor; “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.”

Sometimes situations can be so complex or intracate that explaining them in a litteral way becomes difficult to understand. It is usually a matter of ‘once you see it, you understand it’. This is, of course, nothing new, everything we learn, or understand for the first time has this AHA moment. The dificulty lies in getting to that point.

Office dynamics, employee development, interpersonal relations, management involvement, personal development, engagement… happiness.

All these things are inherently linked to work… how we work, how we perceive work, how we get through the day.

We have yet to introduce Stupid Harvey on the podcast, but he’s the embodiement of a manager that just doesn’t get it. Whether he’s active on a team level, middle management or in the C-Suite, they are always around. For instance:


Things Can Be Different

Assuming people actually want change, and that managers will champion this change, a clear understanding of that change and its possibilities must be had.

Using a metaphor will help, using the Gardening Metaphor might even be successful.

It’s simply a matter of making things understandable for people and help them put issues unto context and/or perspective.

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Rogier Noort