“The Dark Side”, as the days grow darker (and Star Wars draws nearer), the thoughts on the podcast grow darker too (but we try to end on a light note).

Reimagining work is a tough business, coming up with with alternatives to the way we’ve been working for so long is not an easy thing. We have guest to help us out occasionally, and that helps. But, sometimes we lose our selves a bit and maybe rant a tad on the lesser side of things.

The Dark Side

As you can (re)imagine, not all is well in the world of work. Change happens extremely slow, and the shining examples of successful implementations are but a hand full. We are aware that we, on occasion, slip into the a somewaht darker side of reimagining work, it’s inevitable really.

This episode is dedicated to those darker thoughts. We put forward the question of purpose vs. profit, and the fact that so many within Social Business talk newspeak but are stil operating under old paradigms.

We also talk about how we get people to do the stuff we want them to do.., and what kind of tacticts lurk in the dark.

It’s not all bad of course.., it just seems that way sometimes.

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Rogier Noort