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Maureen Electa Monte

The Internet, the greatest marvel of technology of our time. Universally profound in the impact it has on our daily lives. By now it’s unimaginable to consider a life without it.

This is episode is not about the Internet. It’s about the humans who populate it. I met one of those humans through utter serendipity. I’m sure that had I made one click different in my wanderings there’d be a fair chance we never would have met. As it stands, we have, and Maureen has been a very bright node in my digital life ever since.

Her upbeat, constructive and supportive comments on my blog are a continues joy, and they gave me some insight into what makes her go vrooom.

Strength Based Success

Strength Based development sounds counter intuitive.

You’d think that your weaknesses are where you want to focus your development. You’d be wrong, it takes too much effort for too little gain. Develop your strengths and your weaknesses becomes less relevant.

Strength Based SuccessAfter a good and long discussion with Maureen about this process and why it makes so much sense, John and I are convinced that this kind of development can end up as an essential part of your personal strategy, but also within a company with a more humanised sense of care for its employees.

And this kind of coaching can also be applied to teams, or groups of people, it’s not merely a one-individual-at-the-time kind of thing. And this makes it tremendously interesting for corporations.


If you want to figure out what your strengths are, and get a good amount of insight, you can visit Gallup’s Strenght Center and take the assessment yourself. For a mere $15 you can actually learn something useful about yourself. And if you’d wish to develop those strengths and become a Strengths Rockstar, contact Maureen and work out a program.

The results of the StrengthsFinder are just the beginning of the journey, it’s the first step.

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