EpisodeCoverArtIn these times of continues threats from terrorist organisations, religious fanatics and corrupt governments, we tend to seek some point in our lives where we can control what is happening, where we can be useful, efficient and productive. Whether this is a concious or sub-concious act, reimagining the way we work might just provide the balance we seek.

We all know our privacy is slowly eroding into oblivion, and accepting that all things are connected, we can’t have a happy workplace while our private lives are being endangered by the afore mentioned elements.

John and I talk about this in a heated conversation. Of course, as always, our opinions do not differ to much, but I always get (very) excited while talking about these matters. Sometimes a little bit to much. John helps to be a voice of reason and bring the discussion back to a “Reimagining Work” point of view.

Notes: “The Sounds of Silence” on rogiernoort.com

Sounds of Silence

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Rogier Noort