This is a question which should be asked much more often.

We tend to live by the rules, and we tend to have the rules live our lives. And these are not just about the laws we all agreed to live by. These rules are also “made up” by our society, our governments, our managers and so on and so forth… and then there are even more “rules” that we put onto our selves.

All in all.., these things sometimes seem to limit our movements, tie us down.., or keep us in check. Why is that?

Are these things designed to limit you? Are they even necessary? Can you do something about it?

We talk about self-management, (self) entrepreneurship, freelancers and employees who might be stuck between a rock and a hard place. We feel that taking care of the individual (as a company) and yourself (as an individual) is the most important issue at the moment.., and the one most overlooked.

It seems nowadays that stress, and our declining mental health are commonplace, or at least acceptable behaviour.., or even worse; expected behaviour. If you’re not stressed enough, you’re not working hard enough.

And talking about it, being open about it.., that is one of the biggest taboo’s in our (western) society.

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Rogier Noort