Richard Martin

Richard Martin

In this episode we have the absolute pleasure to talk with Richard Martin (@IndaloGenesis).

Richard is a writer, editor and a consultant. He’s also a thought leader in his field, and has his own distinct way of looking at the “Enterprise 2.0” problem, or challenge.

One of the thought provoking ideas is that being multidisciplinary might provide a more flexible basis for an individual to perform (and survive) in a modern working environment (The WWW People). In an era where (hyper)specialism is hailed by HR as being what it is they look for, they tend to ignore the vast experience of those whom have looked further than simply what’s in front of them.

In this day and age, where flexibility, and (very quick) adaptation and innovation is becoming more of a rule than an exception, the value of being multidisciplinary cannot be overestimated.

Le Peloton

One of the greatest metaphors for the modern working environment I ever heard can be found in cycling. Being a cycling enthusiast, Richard has experienced these dynamics up close. And once you know what to look for, Le Tour de France becomes so much more interesting to watch. Those who know understand, or.., those who understand know.

There are many metaphors in business. As we are focusing on people, though, I wanted to use a human example. One that also suggested the communion between us, technology and machine: the cycling peloton. For me, this is an example of the responsive, adaptive organisation to which many of us aspire. The peloton is united in common purpose. But there are many different objectives within its confines.

You can find Richard on his website:, and of course on Twitter.

Please enjoy the podcast.

Richard Martin

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