EpisodeCoverArtChange is the one constant. This is also true for a business. In fact, there has to be an upwards trajectory for all elements within a company.., if it doesn’t go up, it goes down.., there is no flat line. A flat line indicates nothing changes.., and if you don’t change, you fall behind.

However, with change comes resistance, and sometimes fear. Middle management is a group of people whom are perpetually stuck between a rock and a hard place. They’re the ones who have to give the bad news to employees, and have to try and keep those same employees happy.

The good ones create a delicate balance between the two, and with change, this balance is disrupted. And not all can, or want to deal with that.

Especially with the “modern” social aspects new skills are required, a different take on an old concept. We know more, we can change more, and most of it for the better.

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Rogier Noort