Life Without E-mail

Life Without E-mailWhat is there to say about life without e-mail? A lot more than you might think.

Does any of these sound familiar? “You’re in CC”, or “I’ll just send an e-mail”, or “It’s somewhere in my Inbox”, or “I send you that e-mail, didn’t you see it?”.

You never hear; “We had such a productive conversation via e-mail”, or “If you need that document, you can find it in my e-mail’, or “Of course I share my knowledge, everything is well organised and easily accessible via my Inbox”.

E-mail is much more often used as a thing to hide behind, an excuse; “Sorry, to busy, can’t do it, I have xxx e-mails to go through”, or people would much rather send an e-mail than to walk over and actually ask someone a question.

Luis Suarez

elsua-Logo_SmallOur guest on this episode is none other that Mister “Life Without E-mail” himself, Luis Suarez. In the wonderful talk we have it comes to light that the idea of not using e-mail in the work place, or life in general, is much more than just not using a specific tool.

Luis is a front runner in the adoption of digital tools in the workplace for over 17 years. His current focus is about “Life Without E-mail”, but his efforts are much more broad, he’s a digital humanist pushing the digital transformation within companies whom truly want to change, and move into the 21st century.

Life Without E-mail

In the work place e-mail can be considered an intellectual black hole. It’s a place where knowledge goes to die.., to fade away, drift into myth and obscurity. It’s bad for business on so many levels. And here we just talk about using it for “sharing” and “storing” documents.

So much more in the workplace revolves around the use of e-mail; meetings, questions, information, memo’s… All these thing can be improved upon by not using e-mail.

In fact.., there are so many aspects that involve e-mail.., one could ask the question; Can you do your work without e-mail?

If the answer is ‘no’, then you might want to rethink the way you work. The bottom-line of e-mail is that is not a productivity tool, you do not create anything, you do not add anything to the collective.

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