For this episode we have another treat. Our 3rd guest podcast. After Richard Martin and Anne Marie McEwan, we now talk with Kenneth Mikkelsen and Anners Abild.

In this day and age we pretty much assume that all we need to know about life, the universe and everything is taught in school. Unfortunately nothing is further from the truth.

In fact, we might even argue the opposite; that school prepares for a life of averageness and complacency. That we are taught to do what we are told, to remember only what is necessary to pass the test and above all else.., not to think for ourselves.

The expectations of students leaving school rarely fit the reality they have to live in, leaving them dreadfully short on knowledge and skills. And when more is demanded of them they tend to return to the same school or system that did such a poor job to begin with.

This is a problem for those leaving school, but also for people well into their careers. If the basic way of learning isn’t changed, they rely on the “old school” way of learning, where any update to their knowledge will happen in a class with a teacher(?) explaining what it is they have to remember to pass the test.

These career people will stay afloat, but will hardly bring anything of value to the table. Innovation is a state of mind, more than anything else.

This might not be a problem for some, but for society as a whole it certainly doesn’t help.

We argue, and Kenneth and Abild build their company around it, that the current way of teaching is inherently flawed and that we need to teach people how to learn, not to regurgitate.

Give a man a fish and he’ll for a day,
Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat fish every day,
Teach him how to learn and he’ll be figuring how to fish and how to cook it all on his own.

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Rogier Noort