Just imagine how much people must have imagined in order to get where we are today.

  • Someone imagined the Earth is not flat, and you don’t fall off the edge
  • Someone imagined building a wall to keep “various nomadic groups” out
  • Someone imagined setting foot on the moon
  • Someone imagined making that transistor smaller
  • Someone imagined working in a team where communication is open and honest
  • Someone imagined being happy about going to work in the morning

This list can be unimaginably long, and made applicable to any person or situation. The point, however, stands solid. Without ‘us’ imaging these things, odds are they would not have happened.

Star Wars

John and I were discussing this due to a Star Wars marathon on May the 4th. Just imagine George Lucas not having the imagination to come up with the Star Wars Universe. Granted, Jar Jar Binks would have never existed, but the mind blowing experience of episode 4 in 1977 would also be lost to us.

And of course John Lennon’s “Imagine” sprung to mind (but wasn’t deeply discussed), that is as inspiring as anything we guess.

The discussion mainly covers the kick off of the change one would seek. This has to start with imagining what could be different, or reimagining what is already there (like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed).

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Rogier Noort