Ep024-FeaturedWho has the power in your life? Where in your working life do you feel free and unfree? Are you the chief author of your life story or are you a bit player, responding to the stories that others write?

Many of the institutions, structures and ways of working that we meet every day are beyond our individual control, however, we suggest that it is important to develop a sense of “redemption” inside ourselves so that we may feel more liberated and connected to what we do.

When we begin to “see”, we cannot un-see and this is useful; we begin a process of liberation.

At the same time, there is a parallel process of self-development and self-awareness that can assist us to sustain ourselves when we see things which often serve to disempower. When the Manager continues to make choices about things over which we could (and probably should) have more say-so, and when we feel aggrieved by this, it helps to have a connection to ourselves and our inner sense of peace and freedom, so that we don’t remain hostages to the same strictures that hold the Managers hostage.

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