Anne McCrossan

In this very interesting conversation with Anne McCrossan, she states that she feels she is blessed to have been born in a time of phenomenal change.

Anne talks about living in a period where we are marking an historical chapter as humanity transitions from being an analogue species to a digital one. Humanity, likewise, is blessed to have a woman of Anne’s character, intellect and integrity bringing her insights and wisdom to the conversation.

We have only just taken baby steps into this new world. What do we need to take account of as we move forward? How we focus, how we matter, how we make a difference is going through enormous shifts.

Shifting to a digital mindset is challenging us to re-consider and re-configure how we add value and who we are. We are being challenged to really understand our purpose. We have a global, joined up picture which we need to take account of in all that we do.

Have a listen to this very rich conversation and hear Anne talk about her upcoming venture, The Self Agency, which aims to address the stripping away of individual agency that has occurred in organisations all over the place, and encourage people to take advantage of the new opportunities the digital age is beginning to afford us all.

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