Euan Semple

Leading up to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in London (26th Nov.), I have the opportunity to talk to Euan Semple, the keynote speaker of the event.

The E20S has a long standing reputation of being at the forefront of the Enterprise 2.0/Social Business movement. Traditionally catering for the folks whom are bit further afield than most. In other words, these events are the cutting edge.

The London event will cater to a broader audience, and is co-produced by Agile Elephant.

Driving Business Value & Performance through 21st Century Collaboration and Innovation

Euan Semple

Euan is a long time socialpreneur. He is one of the earliest bloggers I know, he was among the first to introduce social media style collaboration within a large organisation (BBC), which made him one of the longest standing social business advocates around.

He will be opening the Summit with a talk about how to get more out of social collaboration.

Beyond that, I urge you to check out the Shift podcast. Euan records this together with Megan Murray (@meganmurray), and it’s an absolute treat to listen to.

This Podcast

During this (special) episode I talk to Euan about his past at the BBC and career afterwards. We talk about is wonderful book “Organisations Do Not Tweet, People Do“, which can give a good understanding of how you want to communicate with the world, and more importantly, how you should not communicate with the outside world.

We also talk about Trojan Mice (yes, that’s a thing), and we touch on his appearance a the Summit.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
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Enterprise 2.0 Summit in London
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