Erik Korsvik Østergaard

We talk with Erik Korsvik Østergaard. A multifaceted change agent with the goal to, ultimately, make work more fun.

To me, meeting someone like Erik is a true pleasure. After the many conversations John and I have had, with or without guests, recorded or not, you tend get to see a future, or at least a way where the world of work can be different.., better.

Then you talk with people about real world problems and it becomes ever so slightly more difficult to stay optimistic. Then you talk to someone like Erik. He’s made it his business (Bloch&Østergaard) to focus on the happiness side of work.

Our conversation covers quite a few issues, from why you’d want to get involved with a change offered by Erik, to the measurement of happiness. We also cover Erik’s jazz connection which leads to an excellent social business metaphor.

All in all.., a good conversation with an all round good guy. Only pity is that we ran our of time…

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