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Teal: And the Quest for the Quick Win – Episode 039 - We want Teal. We live in a world where it instant gratification seems the norm, and quick wins the goal.


Well hello there. We’re so happy you’ve landed here. Welcome to the Reimagining Work podcast.

In this podcast we talk about the Future of Work, and we investigate various aspects of Social Business.

Who’s Talking

John Wenger

Rogier Noort

<– John Wenger and Rogier Noort –>

One comes from a psychology background, the other from an IT background.
The beauty of Social Business is that it attracts a certain kind of people, the E2.0 community is made up of people who understand “social”.
And with this I don’t mean they can behave themselves at a party, or on Facebook (although most do).
No, these folks see the necessity of the Digital Transformation, that our future as a society is so closely related to the future of work.
And therefore are, per definition, people with their hearts and minds in the right place.